I’ve always believed that to get the most out of life, you should never set limits on what you can achieve. It’s all too easy to become trapped in a negative mindset, or a set way of doing things, where you think that you have to just accept what life throws at you. The truth is that you can do anything you want, as long as you have the correct approach and the right attitude.

My story began years ago in Paris. I have two of the hardest working parents you can imagine who sacrificed everything to move our family to a nice neighborhood where we could get the best education possible to set us on right path for life. They immersed me in Chinese culture while also giving me the freedom to explore the local culture.  Most importantly, they showed me the true value of hard work.

There was something that always bothered me, however. I wanted to pave my own path in life, not simply follow my two older siblings into a career in finance via the best business schools — I wanted to explore the world and do things my own way.

I had a difficult time finding a place for myself in school, but kept managing to pass each academic year by constantly changing the way I was learning. This helped to keep me interested and engaged, and it showed me that it is only by making mistakes that we can truly start learning. If you address them and solve them immediately, you can go further in life than you’ll ever believe.

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During my studies, my passion for doing things my own way is what introduced me to the world of Poker. Before I knew it, I was focusing my mind on learning every aspect of the game and applying myself with discipline every single day. I forged a new way of thinking and began looking for something bigger.

Fast forward to a few years ago, where I was presented with the possibility to rent one of my friend’s properties to travelers. I quickly realized the potential to go beyond managing just one apartment so I decided to create a company and be an Entrepreneur.

Through a strong work ethic, discipline, and being optimistic through seeing every mistake as a chance to learn and grow, I managed to turn my startup into a prosperous company. Today my company is financially responsible for more than 400 properties in top European destinations and employs over 100 international people.

Today I continue to look for new challenges and seize the opportunities that come my way.