Beyond the card game...

My life is very exciting thanks to a real balance I have, with a nice family, an interesting professional position, and a real passion: POKER.

Poker led me to new challenges, to outstanding and unforgettable travels, and moments of my life.

During many years, I played high stake cash games in Macau and Las Vegas.
But playing poker game is just more than a leisure for me it is a real passion. It gives me extra adrenalin in my life, and it turned out to lead me to experience real opportunities, and to meet extraordinary people.

With Poker, I travelled a lot, in various continents, and step by step I went to very high levels.

With such journeys, challenges, and new environments, I experienced moments that I would never have believed to be able to experience, and I met people that I would never have beleived that I would be able to meet; I went out beyond my comfort zone, and my previous limitations, that is also a real plus for my professional life and self-confidence.

I started being involved in tournaments, and I eventually invested in many talents, and players for cash game in Macau but also international tournaments.

Playing poker teaches for life with developing strategic skills and rigor, that are undoubtedly qualities in daily life.
Playing Poker is just part of my life, part of my balance, and also contributes to make my life more enriching, more exciting. It has become a passion, an art-de-vivre as well, and I just wanted to share this experience with you, and this point of view.